Notice #71508

Network Connection


We have been notified by the networks that the issue was related to a synchronization clock in the network starting to transmit the wrong date and time to the server. This caused a network failure at the carrier level. This recovery is ongoing and impacting a small number of customers. We are continuing to monitor the progress and ensure that we have a full restoration.

We appreciate your patience as our engineers work with our carriers as they stabilize this issue on their side.

The network connectivity is continuing to show progression. Most customer's network connectivity has been resolved and those who have not should be resolved shortly. We are evaluating the impacts and ensuring no data loss. We will continue to update as we have more information available.

The network providers have confirmed alongside our engineers that most devices have reconnected back to the network. Due to the large amount of data transmitting it will take a few more hours before historical information and full stability of the networks are achieved. We will continue to update the status page with updated information. We appreciate your patience while this matter is resolved.

We have identified a service degradation due to the connectivity of the tracker with the network carriers. Your device will automatically reconnect to the network once this issue has been resolved. In the meantime, our network partners and engineers are working diligently to get this issue resolved shortly. We will continue to update the status page until complete resolution has been achieved for all customers.

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